Best® Glucosamine Sulfate for oral solution


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    Made in Greece

    About the joints
    Our joints are cushioned by a layer of cartilage and lubricated by a viscous synovial fluid. In degenerative conditions, this layer of protective cartilage and synovial fluid may be diminished, causing discomfort during movements.

    Glucosamine has the following benefits:
    ˙Powder for oral solution in single sachet for daily once intake.
    ˙To stimulate the biosynthesis of the essential components of the cartilage and bone tissues.
    ˙To assist the bone calcium uptake.
    ˙To enhance the lubricant activity of the synovial fluid.
    ˙To aid the synovial fluid production.

    Suitable for people:
    ˙This product is suitable for people concerned about joints degenerative conditions.
    ˙This product is suitable for energetic people

    Main Ingredient:
    ˙Each sachet contains 1.5g Glucosamine Sulfate Powder

    How to take:
    ˙Audit: One sachet daily or as directed by physican. (Best® Powder is taken by dissolving in water or fruit juice as oral solution)

    Package and storage:
    ˙20 sachets per pack.
    ˙Store below 25°C

    ˙ Consult medical professional when taken thin blood or tetracycline medicine.

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