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    Plaque is a sticky colourless deposit on teeth in which bacteria constantly forms. In order to keep gums and teeth healthy, plaque must be removed frequently and thoroughly.
    Halewood’s disclosing tablets contain disclosing agent which reveals old and new plaque. The red residual deposits indicate new plaque whilst the blue residual deposits indicate older plaque.

    Features :
    ˙ Identifies and stains plaque left behind
    ˙ Differentiates NEW and OLD plaque

    ˙ Encourages good brushing techniques
    ˙ Improves dental hygene
    ˙ Economical and quick to use

    Main Ingredients:
    Sorbitol, magnesium stearate, sodium saccharin, erythrosine red, food green colour.

    How to Use:
    Chew one tablet for 30 seconds. Sluice saliva over teeth and through the interdental gaps. Spit tablet and stained saliva directly into spittoon or into sink whlist tap water is running. Inspect tooth stain: red stain indicates 1 to 3 day old plaque and blue stain indicates over 3 day old plaque. Brush teeth to remove all staining. If necessary use interdental, brush and dental floss to remove hard to reach stains such as gaps inbetween the teeth.

    Package and storage:
    ˙ One pack contains two blisters of 15 tablets (total 30 tablets)
    ˙ Keep tablets away from light in a cool dry place.
    ˙ Do not store above 25°C
    ˙ Store in the original package

    ˙ Keep out of reach of children
    ˙ Do not swallow

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