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    EVA biolact ® capsule is a particular nutritional product specially designed to restore natural flora of the gastrointestinal system, the sensitive feminine area and the vagina by immediately providing the beneficial lactobacillus coagulans, which help restore natural balance, each time it is disrupted.

    Feature and Benefits:
    ˙ Immediate supply of beneficial Lactobacillus coagulans
    ˙ Help restore natural balance of microorganism for the vagina, the femimine area and the intestine, when every time is is disrupted.
    ˙ Hormone free.
    ˙ Non-medicated.
    ˙ Maintain vaginal health.
    ˙ Reduce recurrence of vaginal problems.

    4.7 billion spores L. coagulans per capsule.

    Package and storage:
    ˙ 20 capsules per pack
    ˙ Keep out of reach of children
    ˙ Store at 15°C-25°C, in a cool place and prevent from sunlight

    ˙ For the restoration of the flora when it is disrupted: 1 – 2 capsules daily.
    ˙ To maintain natural flora: 1 capsule daily.

    ˙ The capsules are taken during a meal.

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