EVA DOUCHE Baking Soda pH 9.0


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    EVA Douche ® Baking Soda is a specially designed solution for cleaning the vagina and effectively dissolving and removing natural or pathological accumulated hypersecretions in the vagina. It provides effective help for the proper application of vaginal medication, because it immediately cleans the vagina, flushing-out foreign objects an hypersecretions which may interfere with the action of the preparation. In addition, due to the device’s special nozzle, vaginal douching is performed easily and with the highest possible safety for the user.

    Features :
    ˙Disposable single use device.
    ˙Hygienic, ready and easy to use.
    ˙Round shape nozzle design for easier cleaning
    ˙Soft bottle design for easier to squeeze
    ˙Effective cleansing and deodorizing.
    ˙No pharmaceutical active ingredients.
    ˙No artifical colors.
    ˙Hormone free.

    ˙Effectively dissolve and remove the accumulated secretions in the vagina.
    ˙Effectively help the application of vaginal preparation.

    Main ingredients:
    Sodium bicarbonate.

    ˙One vaginal douche per day for 2-3 days, at least 30 minutes before the use of any other vaginal preparation.
    (1) Press the cap in order to break and remove the protective cap from the nozzle.
    (2) Carefully pull the vaginal nozzle outwards until you hear a ”click” sound and gently squeeze the vial to see if the safety valve has opened. If the valve has not opened push the nozzle back into the vial and repeat the procedure.
    (3) Place the nozzle in the vagina and perform douching.

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