Halifresh® effervescent mouthwash tablets


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    Made in UK

    Halifresh ® comes in the form of effervescent mouthwash tablets making it the most convenient way to freshen your mouth and breath especially whilst you are on the go.
    The most convenient way to freshen your mouth and breath. Leaving you with the ultimate clean feeling.

    Features :
    ˙ Targets bad breath
    ˙ Alcohol free
    ˙ Small and compact
    ˙ 5 years of shelf life

    Features and Uses:

    ☑ Unique formula to thoroughly clean the hard-to-clean areas after brushing

    ☑ Helps clear food residue in the mouth

    ☑ Inhibits bacterial growth and tartar formation

    ☑ Get rid of breath and keep your breath fresh

    ☑ Effectively reduce mouth sores and aphthous stomatiti

    ☑ No need to rinse with water after use

    ☑ Alcohol free

    ☑ Easy to carry

    Active Ingredients:
    Sodium bicarbonate, tartaric acid

    How to use:
    Used for above aged 12 years
    Place 1-2 tablets in about half a glass of water. Allow to dissolve fully. Rinse around teeth and gums and spit out.

    Package and storage:
    ˙ One pack contains two blisters of 15 tablets (total 30 tablets)
    ˙ Keep tablets away from light in a cool dry place.
    ˙ Do not store above 25°C
    ˙ Store in the original package

    ˙ Do not give to children under 12 years
    ˙ Keep out of reach of children
    ˙ Do not swallow

    Additional information

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