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    Calcium Gluconate + Vitamin K2 & D3 = Proper Calcium Supplement

    Osteoporosis is a common skeletal disorder. However, there are no obvious symptoms, so many patients fail to be aware of any loss of bone tissue until a bone damage occurs. To prevent bone loss, it is necessary to supplement calcium to the body. Calcium gluconate, which is a natural derivative and water-soluble, does not require a large amount of gastric acid for decomposition, and has less irritation to the stomach and intestines, therefore suitable for people with insufficient gastric acid secretion.
    Vitamin K2 helps calcium to enter the bone effectively without overly depositing calcium itself into blood vessels and causing blood calcification. Vitamin D3 accelerates calcium absorption and metabolism. This special formula can become your great companion to prevent osteoporosis.

    Features & Benefits:

    ˙Calcium gluconate is easily absorbed by the body

    ˙Deposits calcium specifically in the bone tissues

    ˙Increases absorption and metabolism of calcium

    ˙Prevention of Osteoporosis

    ˙Improves the health of bones

    ˙Increases the density of bones

    ˙Strengthens bones

    ˙Increases bone mass

    ˙Lowers risk of bone damage after fall

    ˙Caring for the heart


    Main Ingredient:

    ˙Calcium Gluconate 600mg,

    ˙Vitamin D3 400IU,

    ˙Vitamin K2 45mcg


    How to take:

    1-3 tablets daily or according to doctor’s advice.


    Package and storage:

    ˙60 tablets per bottle

    ˙Keep out of reach of children

    ˙Store below 25°C


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