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    Made in EU


    Features & Benefits:

    ˙Deposits calcium specifically in the bone tissues

    ˙Increases absorption and metabolism of calcium

    ˙Prevention of Osteoporosis

    ˙Improves the health of bones

    ˙Increases the density of bones

    ˙Strengthens bones

    ˙Increases bone mass

    ˙Lowers risk of bone damage after fall

    ˙Caring for the heart


    Main Ingredient:

    ˙Calcium Gluconate 600mg, Vitamin D3 400IU,

    Vitamin K2 45mcg


    How to take:

    1-3 tablets daily or according to doctor’s advice.


    Package and storage:

    ˙60 tablets per bottle

    ˙Keep out of reach of children

    ˙Store below 25°C



    ˙ Vitamin K has a clotting effect, and a large intake may affect the efficacy of Warfarin (anticoagulant).


    Additional information

    Weight 230 g