OMNIMED® Ortho PediCone Toe Separator


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Foot Care:
“We are standing and walking every day, our feet need to support the body’s pressure. When doing exercise, our feet will subject to greater pressure. If we wear inappropriate shoes, foot protection is insufficient, nail is too long, this will make the toes subject to excessive pressure. It is easier to bring the toes friction, and produce different foot diseases, such as toe injury, toe valgus, toe deformity…..

Toe separator : Especially for the toes due to wearing inappropriate shoes for a long time. This will bring pressure to the toes and the toewill become deformed, close-lying and overlapping.
Toe separator is one of the products of the new Ortho PediCone complete range with very attractive silver colour. This world first with SILINAN®, a special material containing silver, is effectively anti-bacterial. Ortho PediCone effectively prevents or relieves pressure spots and skin irritation. These products are also suitable for diabetics. The durable Ortho PediCone can simply be washed with soap to be used again.

Features & Benefits:
A World Fist: antibacterial with SILINAN®
˙ Top technology of SILINAN® effectively continue the anti-bacterial function.
˙Memory effect
˙Improve deformed, closed-lying and overlapping toes.
˙Protects against chafing and skin irritation.
˙The durable Ortho PediCone can be washed and used again.
˙Suitable for diabetics.
˙Made in Seitzerland.

˙ SILINAN® especially soft and natural feel.
˙ Available in 2 sizes. (small/medium or large/X-large size)

˙ Two pieces per pack.

Product Range:
The complete range of OMNIMED® Ortho PediCone provide six different toe series.
Ball-of-foot Cushion
Toe Spreader
Toe Separator
Toe Cap
Toe Ring
Toe Pad

Reference: small = below 38 shoes size, medium = 38-42 shoes size, large/X-large = above 42 shoes size.

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Weight 40 g