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This sports product combines the very latest stocking construction with high-tech fibres which meet all athletes’ needs. RESOXX® have a degressive pressure gradient from the ankle upwards that has been specially adapted for sports. The blood circulation in the leg is accelerated to provide optimum support for the calf pump.


˙High-tech fibres with silver yarn.

˙Silver yarn has efficient heat conductivity and this helps to maintain temperature regulation.

˙Promote leg hygiene and reduce odours.

˙The special composition of RESOXX® tubes with X-Static®, cotton and TACTEL® makes them extremely comfortable to wear for all types of sport.

˙Perfect moisture regulation gives the athlete a feeling of freshness.

˙The special inner surface prevents slipping down even during physical activity.


˙Compression accelerates the blood circulation of the leg.

˙Optimum muscle performance and longer endurance.

˙Fewer muscle fatigue and faster regeneration.


Putting socks on correctly:

˙Make sure your skin is dry when putting the socks on.

˙Roll the RESOXX® tube up backwards, turning it inside out and pull it over the foot.

˙Pull the tube up in stages and spread it evenly o your leg.


Made in Switzerland

Measure chart (cm) – Ankle circumference

20 – 23 small

23 – 26 medium

26 – 29 large

29 – 31 X-large

Calf circumference at the widest part of the calf

29 – 39 small to medium

33–42 medium

36–45 medium to large

39–47 large to X-large

Additional information

Weight 95 g

S, M, L, XL